Patient Reviews

Everyone was exceptionally nice and respected my feelings. I was so frightened, nervous and scared. Both Dr and I believe her name is Rosie were so comforting and kind. Dr explained everything thoroughly and I am very happy with the entire procedure.

Mary Louise L.

Excellent and professional service!

Daniel E.

Dr. Puccinelli was very knowledgeable and friendly. He made my root canal extremely easy and the staff was helpful and courteous.

Ryan K.

Everyone very friendly, very professional

Nieves S.

I really appreciated that Puccinelli explained everything thoroughly he worked on my teeth and made sure I was comfortable.

Nancy M.

Very happy with this Doctor. I am a big baby when it comes to dental procedures. He made me feel very at ease and was very quick!!!

Vanessa B.

Dr made me feel very comfortable - I am the biggest baby when it comes to dental procedures. I had a very good experience!!!

Vanessa B.

Very satisfied

Roomil B.

I would highly recommend!

Ben I.

Dr. Puccinelli, Jr. and his staff are very nice and pleasant, sees you on time, and is very thorough. Definitely recommend him for endodontist work.

Mary F.

Dr. PUCCINELLI Was wonderful! He gave me very detailed information and made sure I understood. He is also very kind and very friendly! His staff was also friendly and helpful. Linda Susan

Susan P.

I had a great first time experience. The staff and Doctor were very professional and pleasant. My procedure went exactly as the Doctor predicted and my results outstanding.

Fernando A.

Very professional and explained everything he was doing. I would recommend Dr. Puccinelli in a heartbeat. Thank you Dr.P!!

William S.

Professional, friendly, clear treatment plan and costs.

Anna B.

Dr. Lyu is a compassionate person. I have been through quite a bit lately, particularly with dental procedures. He and the staff helped me to relax and were helpful with explaining things. The oral surgery went well, and the novacaine shots didn't hurt too much! Thank you for making a difficult time easier.

Christine B.

I was very nervous to get my first root canal done. I was concerned it would be really painful and that there might be complications. Dr Larry was very knowledgeable and explained the process as it was happening. He checked in on me frequently so that I was pain free and only felt pressure. The procedure felt quick and I could see on the X-ray the nerves that had been taken out and filled in. I left feeling a bit shocked at how easy it was. Just had it done today but feel really confident about how smooth it went and hopeful my tooth will now be pain free. Would definitely recommend!

Julie T.