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Guided Tissue Regeneration services offered in Los Gatos, CA
With advanced periodontitis, you’re at risk of losing some of the supportive bone around your teeth. To treat this problem, Los Gatos Dental Specialists in Los Gatos, California, offers guided tissue regeneration surgery. To schedule your consultation with the experienced dental team, call their office or use the online tool to book an appointment today.
Guided Tissue Regeneration Q & A

What is guided tissue regeneration?

Guided tissue regeneration (GTR) is a procedure that stimulates new bone growth after periodontal disease has caused some of the bone supporting your teeth to break down. 

The procedure increases both the height and density of the targeted bone, which offers the tooth more support and prevents eventual tooth loss from periodontal disease. 

Who needs guided tissue regeneration?

Guided tissue regeneration is a procedure for people who have advanced periodontal disease, or periodontitis. Also called gum disease, periodontitis happens when bacteria builds up around and under your gums and eventually causes gum recession, pockets, bleeding, and even tooth loss. 

Advanced periodontal disease starts to affect your jawbone by breaking it down. Your dentist will likely tell you about your gum disease in the early stages if you regularly come in for dental cleanings and exams, but you might not notice any signs until later stages if you tend to forgo routine dental visits. 

You should book an appointment with Los Gatos Dental Specialists right away if you experience severe pain while chewing, odorous breath, dark red or purple gums, and a bad taste in your mouth. 

What should I expect from guided tissue regeneration?

The goal of guided tissue regeneration is to keep soft tissue from growing into the areas of bone loss while promoting new bone growth to strengthen the jaw. The team at Los Gatos Dental Specialists tells you about the procedure and what to expect before and after. The procedure’s three key steps are:

Gum and bone surgery

Gum and bone surgery is the part of the procedure where your dental surgeon creates a flap of gum tissue using a scalpel. They clean out the area under your gums and place an artificial membrane, either with or without gum grafting material, over the damaged bone. 

Tissue separation

The membrane sits between your bone and gum tissue to separate the two. This allows your bone to heal uninhibited and integrate with the grafting material if you have any. 


Throughout the aftercare process, you need to maintain great oral hygiene and follow all instructions from the team at Los Gatos Dental Specialists. The stitches either dissolve on their own or need to be removed by a professional at Los Gatos Dental Specialists. 

It takes about six months for the bone to regenerate and offer your teeth more support. 

Guided tissue regeneration offers bite strength and stability while preventing tooth loss from periodontitis. To schedule a treatment consultation, call Los Gatos Dental Specialists or book an appointment online today.