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Bone grafting is the replacement or augmentation of the bone around the teeth.  When a tooth is extracted, the surrounding bone collapses.  Bone grafting is performed to preserve bone level, stablize teeth, and/or to ensure enough bone support for future implant placement.   Augmenting bone is also used to enhance the fit and comfort of removable prostheses(dentures), or to enhance esthetics of a missing tooth site in the smile zone. 

Allograft is the type of bone used for our bone grafting procedures. The source is usually cadaver bone, which is available in large amounts. This bone however has to undergo many different treatment sequences in order to render it neutral to immune reactions and to avoid cross contamination of host diseases.  After that the processing of the bone would eliminate any chance of cross-infection.

Barrier membranes - Guided Tissue Regeneration in conjunction with bone grafting, membranes are often used to help stabilize the bone graft as well as displace the gum tissue from invading the healing bone graft. Gum tissue grows at a much faster rate than bone, therefore, membranes are used to prevent gum tissue from growing in and displacing the bone graft before it matures.